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"Dark Star" Linen Gambeson Vest

Ladies underarmour with leather straps


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"Dark Star" Ladies Linen Gambeson Vest

Vest with leather straps

This vest is a versatile piece of kit that will serve you well in LARP, SCA, and any other type of medieval activity. A gambeson is a must-buy for beginners, offering you a little bit of padding and protection under your armor, whilst also looking fantastic as a clothing item on its own. It is a flattering design, inspired by historical gambesons, but has been adapted to look absolutely perfect on the female body. We know exactly how difficult it can be to find something that fits your curves and still flatters your waist without making you boxy - so we have poured a ton of love and passion into designing the ultimate gambeson!

This vest has a high collar, giving you a bit of neck protection. It features curved quilting all the way down to your waist, focussing on beautiful lines. At the waist, the bottom half of the gambeson flares outs to accommodate the shape of your hips, which has been accented with slightly different horizontal quilting to finish off the look. The design for this gambeson was based on European style XV century gambesons, which are shorter than your average early-medieval gambeson, but still long enough to cover your hips. Leather arming points have been attached to the shoulders for the lacing of pauldrons or other armor, so you can throw this vest on and be ready for battle!

The main material for this vest is 100% flax linen. Linen feels lovely against the skin, breathes well, and is a very historical fabric. In medieval times, flax was a renewable resource and abundant, making it the perfect fiber to make cloth out of. Nowadays, linen is still highly sought after for its lush texture and soft nature. This gambeson will be your best friend in the warmer months, but will also still insulate you and keep you cozy during colder campaigns, due to the light natural padding between the two layers of linen. There is a slight overlap in the middle to help you get the best fit possible, with quality leather straps stitched on strongly to help you fasten it shut. We have used two contrasting colors to make this gambeson stand out. We have trimmed every edge of the gambeson with this contrasting color, and lined the inside completely in it.

Though this vest is fantastic on its own, we recommend pairing it with one of our gambeson arms crop tops. This will give you the added bonus of arm protection in the most comfortable, convenient way possible.

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  • 100% flax linen;
  • Natural batting;
  • Leather.


  • Contrasting lining;
  • Leather straps;
  • Overlap in the middle;
  • Made for the female figure;
  • Arming points;
  • Can be combined with arms;
  • Historically inspired.

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1 feedback

  • Kat 08 of November 2021:

    The sheer practical design of this is brilliant. Each leather strap has several holes, so each can be adjusted individually. This means that if I gain weight or lose it (I wish), the gambeson will still fit me perfectly. This thing was made to be moved in. I ordered in red burgundy/yellow, and the yellow is a beautiful mustard dark yellow, not as bright and harsh as the pictures make it seem. It's a wonderful piece of equipment, thank you for making these!

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