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Leather Case and Whisky Glass

Embossed leather and engraved glass

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Leather Case and Whisky Glass

Embossed leather and engraved drinking glass

Have you been searching for the perfect accessory to add to your camp collection, but aren’t sure where to look? Are you stuck on what to get someone for Christmas or their birthday? Our whiskey glass in a leather case is the perfect gift for your friend who already has everything!

The leather case is perfectly sized to fit the glass inside and is made from strong, thick leather. The leather part consists of a lid, a handle, the main container as well as a tab for fastening it closed. The handle doubles as a belt loop so that you can hang it from your belt and take it everywhere you go. It is held together with tasteful visible stitching, and the strap is embossed with knotwork patterns for a little bit of embellishment. The lid is embossed with the ArmStreet logo in the center.

The glass itself is made to the standard of professional bar glasses, meaning it is dishwasher safe, impact resistant tempered glass which will hold up to heavy use. It is engraved with the ArmStreet logo on it so that you can show your pride even when you take the glass out of the leather holder!

The glass fits quite snuggly into the leather holder and can be difficult to pry out. That is why we have engineered a solution – pulling on the tab when the lid is removed will raise the glass up with an internal strap, allowing you to pull it out easier. We know that this accessory will look fantastic in your collection and hold many great drinks, which will hopefully lead to many good nights.

Though we think that the ArmStreet logo is beautiful, we also acknowledge that there are many other symbols out there that might look fantastic when displayed on this design! Please get in touch with our customer service to discuss the possibility of having your LARP, SCA, or reenactment group’s logo embossed into the leather and engraved onto the glass – we are happy to chat about the possibility!

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Thick leather;
  • Brass pin;
  • Thread;
  • Whiskey glass.

Whiskey glass measurements:

  • Height 93 mm (3 21/32");
  • Diameter 82 mm (3 15/64");
  • Volume 300 ml (10 oz).


  • Thick, strong leather;
  • Glass lifting mechanism;
  • Loops onto your belt;
  • Embossed accents;
  • Quality whisky glass;
  • Engraved logo.

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4 Feedbacks

  • Kevin oneill 02 of July 2023:

    I love the glass and all stuff from armstreet are quality , and they have a amazing customer service.. 5 BIG star from me !!!

  • Katherine 01 of April 2023:

    This glass holder is very well made and secures the glass firmly inside so it can be carried safely. The etching on the glass itself is also beautiful. The case holds a standard "old fashioned" style tumbler, so when I go to an event where real glass might be a problem I replace it with a fake crystal plastic tumbler.

  • Yulia 09 of August 2022:

    I have been dreaming about getting this glass for a long time and now I finally have it. The leather workmanship is amazing - the stich is even, the imprint is beautiful, and it just looks so good. The etching on the glass is very nicely done. It makes good scotch taste better! :) Really a fantastic product, just waiting for an opportunity to take it to a medieval festival.

  • Stefanie 15 of May 2020:

    This is just...so cool! I can't believe it isn't more expensive. The leather case is built like a tank, plus it's just beautiful to look at - the craftsmanship is exceptional. It definitely protects the glass so I'm not afraid to actually hang it from a belt. It looks *just* medieval enough to maybe get away with it at a historical event. Otherwise it's simply great fun to use! (Think picnic?) The little strap you can pull to pop the glass out is an ingenious design. It works, and I love it.

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