Lamellar for Mythbusters

April 23, 2012

We are actually happy to admit that in spring 2011 we participated (quite unexpectedly, however) to the production of one of our favorite TV shows – “Mythbusters”!


Paper armor episode of Mythbusters starring ArmStreet's lamellar


Turned out that they were making the episode about Chinese paper armor and needed some Eastern armor of suitable period. Our Mongol-type lamellar blackened armor met all Mythbusters requirements and was shipped to their shop together with our gambeson and bazubands.


Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci wearing our stuff for testing and fun


As it was expected, Mythbusters exposed our suit of armor to the barrage of assaults – from swords and arrows 


Kari Byron delivers an attack to the blackened mongolian lamellar armor



Screenshots of moment of arrow and sword direct contact with lamellar


– to some serious firepower


Mongolian lamellar stopped XVIII century flintlock handgun bullet



Colt-Peacemaker bullet shattered some of the plates


Our armor withstood swords and arrows attacks with no problem at all (as it was expected) and even stopped XVIII century flintlock handgun bullet (lower part of the photo).


Well, when things got to the Colt-Peacemaker the results turned to be, we would say, inconclusive (lower part of the photo)... It is obvious that bullet shattered at least some of the plates, but we would be very interested to see the result with the ballistic gel – to be able to estimate bullet's kinetic energy AFTER penetration.


Nevertheless, our armor performed well and we all love Mythbusters!

Lets bust more myths!!! 


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