Timeless Middle Ages

XIII-XV centuries – the most iconic eras in fashion history recreated in signature quality must-haves

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From the XII-XV centuries, something amazing happened. Fashion became simple, classic and beautiful, creating what we consider to be the signature "medieval" look that has been associated with countless fantasy series, books and tales. The patterns created from 13th century clothing were so timeless, in fact, that you can trace them right up the Renaissance, with some garments spanning hundreds of years with barely any alterations to their designs. This collection is ArmStreet's spin on this unforgettable period in history, offering you a fantastic selection of must-have pieces for LARP, SCA and even reenactment.


Here you will find linen tunics in vibrant colors, braies and other traditional underpants, 13th century shoes, as well as other accessories that will truly bring your costume to life. Pick your colors, choose your size and go for it - you can never have enough lightweight tunics or functional boots in your wardrobe. Though we have adapted historical patterns to flatter the modern body, we still based much of this collection on our finds in various sources such as the Morgan/ Maciejowski Bible, The Romance of Alexander, I:33 and more.


Jump into the high middle ages with us and walk cobblestoned streets in the shadow of towering cathedrals. Become a knight or make your fortune as a merchant selling in one of the buzzing markets of a medieval city. Or maybe you're destined to discover your royal heritage and be a prince? You can do it all with our Timeless Middle Ages Collection.

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Experience authentic Medieval life

While fancy clothing is awesome, a lot of what existed in the XIII century is basic, classic and comfortable. The 13th century tunic was so practical, in fact, that the design can be seen for centuries to come, and even in modern clothing today! So, while it may be nice to imagine yourself wearing ornate fitted clothing and delicate, beautiful fabrics, you should also consider how people would dress during their day to day lives.

Craft your 13th century costume

Here at ArmStreet, we have everything you need to put together the ultimate medieval costume. Our clothing has historical inspiration but is designed with modern functionality in mind, and we have gone to great length to make sure it all flatters the modern body. We have pieces available that will help you dress yourself from top to bottom, so you don’t have to worry about looking anywhere else! We have used quality fabrics such as linen and cotton. Linen is soft and feels lovely next to your skin, and has been used to construct clothing for millennia. This is because it is strong, soft, and molds to the body surprisingly well. Cotton, though not strictly medieval, is a popular modern fabric that is well structured, breathable, and weathers very nicely.


Bring history to life

One thing that people often notice about this style of clothing is how layered it can be. In medieval times, people were all about layering. Not all clothing had the lining sewn into it, so layering was a way of getting a bit of extra warmth, as well as protecting your top layers of clothing from sweat and damage. Let’s not forget how important layers are when it comes to designing a costume – they can really make or break a look. In order for a costume to look excellent and authentic, it needs to have layers that allow the garments to move as you walk and add more life to your outfit. It is as simple as wearing an undertunic, a tunic, and a 13th century hood. This means that your torso will be covered and your shoulders will have an extra layer of clothing, creating a more complete and cohesive look.

Stand out with high middles ages clothing

Something about this style is undeniably eye-catching. Tunics, combined with a belt, are flattering on just about any body type. Instead of pants, medieval men would wear braies with hose, which would mimic the look of tight pants. These loose tunics combined with fitted leggings created quite a distinct style! Let’s not also forget the bright colors used and the rich texture of the textiles. It truly was one of the most fantastic times in fashion.

Look like you have walked out of 13th century England

All of the items in this collection are basic yet beautiful and give you a perfect base to start your costume. They are applicable to any class of people and provide you with a blank canvas to paint your character. When it comes to classing up and looking a little bit fancier, you can add nice belts, jewelry, or 13th century footwear. A rich merchant may have a nice necklace or wear many rings, whereas a regular townsperson would just have a simple leather belt as an accessory. It is up to you and how you want to portray the character that you create!

Create a convincing 13th century character

When it comes to creating a convincing character, you need to consider all aspects of your character’s life. While it is easy to just pick garments that you like the look of, you also need to consider your character’s lifestyle and what they might wear on a day to day basis. For example, someone who goes out in the muddy forest a lot might not want to wear something floor length. On the other hand, someone who spends a lot of time tending his sheep in the field may want a long woolen coat to repel rain and protect him from the cold. It is all about considering the actual life of your character. An average townsperson would probably wear the following:

  • An undertunic and overtunic
  • Shoes, a belt, and a pouch
  • Braies and hose (pants)
  • Some kind of hat
  • A 13th century English hood

This would provide your character with enough of a base to look full dressed and comfortable.

Shipping all over the world, including the USA, UK, and Australia

If you live in a far corner of the world, worry not. We have experience shipping to many different countries, and can even express post to you via UPS, which includes tracking. When it comes to 13th century clothing, England truly has some of the best designs. However, thanks to ArmStreet, you don’t have to live anywhere near England to re-create the historic look!

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