Timeless Middle Ages


From the XII-XV centuries, something amazing happened. Fashion became simple, classic and beautiful, creating what we consider to be the signature "medieval" look that has been associated with countless fantasy series, books and tales. The patterns created in the XIII century were so timeless, in fact, that you can trace them right up the Renaissance, with some smart garments spanning hundreds of years with barely any alterations to their designs. This collection is ArmStreet's spin on this unforgettable period in history, offering you a fantastic selection of must-have pieces for LARP, SCA and even reenactment.

Here you will find linen tunics in vibrant colors, braies and other traditional underpants, basic shoes as well as other accessories that will truly bring your costume to life. Pick your colors, choose your size and go for it - you can never have enough lightweight tunics or functional boots in your wardrobe. Though we have adapted historical patterns to flatter the modern body, we still based much of this collection on our finds in various sources such as the Morgan/ Maciejowski Bible, The Romance of Alexander, I:33 and more.

Jump in and walk with us on cobblestoned streets in the shadow of towering cathedrals. Become a knight or make your fortune as a merchant selling in one of the buzzing markets of a medieval city. Or maybe you're destined to discover your royal heritage and be a prince? You can do it all with our Timeless Middle Ages Collection.

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