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Medieval Pagan Expansion Bracelet

Metal wire bracelet with cast heads

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Medieval Pagan Expansion Bracelet

Brass metal wire bracelet with cast heads

At first, there was a fire, and the fire helped to melt the metal, which was poured into the pinched molds with a thin hot jet. The heavy hammer rises and falls on the anvil, it flattens and it forges, giving the shape to an amorphous one. Skillful hands deftly twist the thin metal wires, like strands of hair. Glistening sorceress' bracelets are banging about her hands while she drawlingly whispers the words of incantations at the sacrificial fire. To strengthen the faith is the supreme goal of pagan jewelry, but the only way to make them is painstaking work of an earthborn craftsman.

The Celtic bracelet makes an excellent accessory for a Dark Ages costume. Each item is handmade of forged stainless steel and brass wires, then equipped with a pair of cast ends, shaped like dragon heads. The ends are firmly welded to the body of the bracelet, so don't be afraid to lose them. Wear it on your upper arm, forearm, wrist or ankle, to be protected by the Celtic gods. Even if you don't make much of old tales, such expansion bracelets are useful to keep long sleeves stay in place and not interfere with cooking, encamping, or any other activities. It's worth taking two at once!

Well, if you are ready for more solid accessories, pay attention to his elder brother - Viking Bracelet, woven of a multitude brass wires, following traditional Viking plaiting.

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  • Brass wire;
  • Stainless wire;
  • Cast brass heads.


  • Celtic origin;
  • Pagan design;
  • Expands gradually.

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1 feedback

  • Stella Schultz 01 of December 2015:

    Awesome bracelet! Can't wait to wear this to events! Thank you ))

    ArmStreet team:

    Many thanks for your feedback, Stella!

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