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“Trea the Serene” set with belt

Undertunic with sleeveless dress


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“Trea the Serene” Set with Sleeveless Dress

Linen sleeveless dress with chemise and belt

Our "Fireside Family" collection was designed following many requests from our customers who needed an Early Middle Ages collection with basic costumes and accessories to create their own characters. We made this happen, trying to keep our fantasy under control and concentrating mostly on patterns, lines, and simple accents and leaving more room for your fantasy and creativity.

This kit, however, is our version of how you may combine things from the collection to create a vivid character and, at the same time, get a practical multi-purpose basic wardrobe with things you can use for multiple occasions and combine differently.

chemise from this kit was a necessary part of the early medieval costume, a first layer that combined the functionality of underwear and a comfortable protective layer between your skin and an oughter part of the garb. When it is hot and you are in your camp, chilling, a belt worn over the chemise will make it a little bit less informal.

From our own experience, we found out that textile belts are super comfortable and will be a great addition to your medieval wardrobe, allowing you to solve many problems, both functional and visual. A length of the belt allows a double-wrap around the waist and there is plenty of space for your bag, frog, mug, and anything else. At the same time, with a trim that imitates an ancient "tablet weaving" and little tassels on the ends this belt will be a great decoration and can complete your look, making it more natural and authentic. The trim also works perfectly with almost any outfit from the collection that opens a whole range of opportunities if you want to get some more stuff and combine it.

“Trea the Serene” overdress is also a multifunctional piece of garb, that will work the best with the chemise creating a full outfit with the chemise and the belt, and also can be worn as a stand-alone dress, especially if you need an authentically looking excuse for wearing and short-sleeve dress when the weather is exhaustingly hot. Again, with a combination with the belt, it will be less informal, so you can always play this game. The trim works great with the rest pieces of the ensemble and the pattern allows this in terms of the fit and the neckline shape.

At last but not at least, you will save a couple of bucks buying these things together, which makes it a good deal especially taking into account the extra benefits of the combined shipping price

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% flax linen;
  • Trim.

The set includes:

  • Linen sleeveless dress;
  • Undertunic;
  • Belt.


  • Sleeveless dress;
  • High-quality fabric;
  • Voluminous skirt of the dress;
  • Trim imitates tablet weaving;
  • Floor-length;
  • Medieval family look;
  • Belt wraps twice around the waist;
  • Belt has fringe on the end.

This item is part of the “Fireside Family” collection

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1 feedback

  • Jon Cardin 08 of January 2022:

    Hello, My wife, who is pregnant, was wondering if this set could work for her. As she's pregnant, her chest, waist, and hips measurements change on what seems a daily basis. Could a loose fit be used and a thin belt or tie beneath the bust but above the expanding belly work? I want something that will remain comfortable, yet be reusable after the pregnancy is over. Can you help?

    ArmStreet Team:

    This set should work. However, the outfit can be made to the given measurements only. Thus, if they change a lot upon receival of the order, we cannot take it back, unfortunately. 

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