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“Snow White” Chemise

Marquisette chemise with delicate pleats


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"Snow White" Chemise

Marquisette chemise with delicate pleats

With the innocence of a field of spring flowers and the grace of an evergreen glade, she’s the kind of woman that radiates pure, unmarred joy. She dances through life like a petal in the breeze, and finds the silver lining to every cloud.

This chemise (underdress), makes for a stunning base layer. Sheer, weightless and crafted from a simply stunning Marquisette (50% cotton, 50% silk), it absolutely radiates natural beautiful that seems utterly flawless. The transparency of the fabric gives it a certain vulnerability and innocence that truly makes this a special piece to be remembered.

This unique chemise consists of a huge amount of fabric. Without the ties around the waist, it flows freely and formless, with countless pleats pulling the mass of fabric in around the round neckline. Tiny fabric loops and a long piece of lacing allow for a more fitted, flattering fit around your waist if desired without having to actually make the dress itself tight and uncomfortable. Simply wrap the ties around your waist and find the perfect fit that’s right for you. The very nature of this chemise gives it quite an ephemeral feel, with flowing fabric and soft gathered pleats. The skirt of the dress flares out from the ties, creating an enviable silhouette. This chemise is made longer than our standard sizes, as once gathered around the waist it tends to be shorter.

The sleeves are similar to the rest of the dress. They are gathered at the neckline and flow out in a beautiful puff, and can be tightened to your desired arm width with the help of a drawstring at the end. Everything about this dress is delicate and feminine, from the gently scooped round neckline to the delicate pleats, as well as thin lacing and the very nature of the sheer, weightless fabric.

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  • Marquisette (50% cotton, 50% silk)


  • Round neckline;
  • Raglan cut sleeve;
  • Flared silhouette;
  • Flowing, unfitted dress without the lacing;
  • Lacing allows for customised, comfortable fit;
  • Delicate, tiny pleats.

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  • Erika 19 of July 2020:

    Can this chemise be worn underneath other dresses like the Autumn Princess, Red Elise, and Fairy Tale dresses, without peeking out from under? Mainly around the neckline is my concern?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, this chemise is too puffy to be worn underneath any linen dress, unfortunately. It works best with corset skirt. 

  • Maria Cragg 18 of May 2019:

    Hi. Is the white no longer available? I was hoping this would be my wedding dress...

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Maria, we should have back soon. Please let us know the wedding date. 

  • Sarah Johnson 17 of May 2019:

    Will this come in white again?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Sarah, yes we should have the white marquisette back in stock soon. 

  • Katie Poliero 04 of February 2019:

    What is the model in these photos wearing underneath this chemise? Since it is transparent, I’m assuming they are wearing some sort of underdress?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Katie, the model is wearing regular bra. The fabric is transparent, but multiple pleates create some sort of thickness of  marquisette which cannot be seen through. 

  • Molly 02 of February 2019:

    Hello! I was wondering if the lacing around the waist can be adjusted to be looser or tighter? Thank you!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Molly! Yes, the lacing can be adjusted. 

  • Sam 07 of December 2018:

    If wearing alone, do undergarments show? Or is it a heavier fabric?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Sam! This chemise is transparent, unfortunately. 

  • Isa 18 of November 2018:

    Hi, I have several questions. This chemise seems a bit transparent, would a bra other than white show underneath? Are the lacings at the waist fixed or can they be laced/unlaced at wish? Thank you

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Isa! The marquisette is transparent so undergarment will be seen for sure. The lacing can be unlaced. 

  • Cat 26 of August 2018:

    It's hard to tell from the photos, but are the sleeves on this able to fall to the wrist and tie there?


    Hi Cat! The sleeves do not reach the wrists even if unlaced. 

  • Marilyn 01 of August 2018:

    Do you do this as a blouse too?


    Hi Marilyn! Unfortunately, this chemise cannot be made as short as a blouse. 

  • Lotte 17 of June 2018:

    Can this chemise be made in colour like the "Found Princess" chemise?


    Yes, this chemise can be made in other marquisette colors upon request

  • Duane Wheare 13 of June 2018:

    is this the top that is seen with your Corset Skirt "Snow White"


    Yes, the skirt is worn with "Snow White" chemise underneath

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3 Feedbacks

  • Bree 16 of May 2020:

    This chemise is basically my favorite piece...ever! I hope to buy it in a couple more colors when they become available again. It’s absolutely the softest, most feminine thing I own, and I adore every feature of it. The dozens of tiny gathers, delicate neckline, waist tie, huge skirt volume, airy fabric and movement... It’s just a glorious piece to go under absolutely everything. And with Armstreet’s quality and reputation for longevity, I’m looking forward to wearing my dreamy-light chemise for many, many years to come!

  • Charlotta 12 of May 2020:

    You really didn't save on the fabric with the "Snow White" series, did you? The hem line on mine is nearly eight metres and I'm a size 0-2!!! The sleeves are also really well cut and I can easily lift my hands over my head. I ordered this in the Turquoise crepe colourway and it is if possible even more vibrant than the swatch here in the web store. So far I've mainly paired it with the over coat from this set: in Dark blue but once I figure out what to wear underneath that Doesn't kill the translucent etherealness but also takes away the slight risqué element of wearing this on its own I want to use it without an over layer for Art Nouveayu themed looks as well.

  • NarnianWarHorse 15 of February 2020:

    I love this beautiful new chemise! It’s cloud-soft and beyond comfortable to wear, and I love all its graceful tiny pleats. Well done, as always, Armstreet team— you always amaze me with your quality!

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