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Medieval Cloak with Hood

Full-round woolen medieval cloak


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Medieval Cloak: a full-round hooded cape

Warm trimmed woolen medieval cloak

The luxurious woolen full-circle cape with hood. This heavy and warm cloak allows you to roll yourself up completely during foul weather. All cuts are finished with the narrow trim of original pattern designed by ArmStreet and exclusively produced for us.

Hood also has a full-circle shape, it is divided in two halves and sewed in shoulder seams. As a result flung over a head the hood falls of with soft pleats around the face as at the medieval statues and paintings. The cape fastens with the help of fibulas.

This cloak fits great for almost any medieval or fantasy character: from elven price in green to dark knight in black with all the options between. We also provide a great selection of trims so you can choose one which fits your character period and region. This warm woolen cloak is a definitely "must have" item in your wardrobe useful for any open air occasions from renaissance festival to LARP event, from SCA to fantasy convention.

Please note, that clasps are not included.

Please note that Dark blue wool has a very dark shade, that may appear black under electric light indoors.

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% natural wool
  • Trim

Cloak features:

  • Full-circle cut
  • Rounded hood/pelerine
  • Wide choice of trimmings

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  • Dianna 26 of October 2022:

    Can the cloaks be treated for wet weather?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello, it is not suitable for wet weather, unfortunately. 

  • Ani 26 of September 2019:

    Hello, Armstreet! Is there any ETA for the plum or wine red colored wool?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Ani, the Wine Red wool is available in the listing. The plum wool won't be back, unfortunately. 

  • Al 27 of August 2019:

    Do you have blue wool in stock? And will it arrive by Halloween if I order it now?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Al, yes it can be made and delivered by Halloween, but we do not have blue wool, unfortunately. 

  • Naomi 29 of May 2019:

    Hi Alyona, might you have a burgundy with green sleeves trim for a 172cm height available now? I have a cold medieval banquet on June 29th and need a cloak urgently.

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Naomi, this cloak is made to order in custom size. We have wine red wool available for it. If the order is placed today with express shipping, we can rush your order and deliver it on time. Please leave a comment to your order with the deadline. 

  • Carolyn  17 of April 2019:

    is this cloak good for winter on the East coast of the USA?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Carolyn, our cloaks are not suitable for winter weather, unfortunately. 

  • Ance 07 of March 2019:

    My second buy from the shop and it is absolutely fantastic! Perfect colour, perfect fit, looks just like what I imagined. And the delivery was super fast, to UK that is. Thank you so very much for my amazing cloak!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Thank you, Ance, for your kind feedback :)

  • Samantha 15 of February 2019:

    I was wondering if the purple cloak like the one in thee picture option was available?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Dear Samantha, unfortunately, we are out of prune wool. 

  • Eliza 07 of December 2018:

    ... Am planning to buy this cloak in Dark Blue colour. Is it possible if you could add an Arm Slits on it? Thanks!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hello Eliza! Yes, it is possible. They will be bordered with Green Sleeves trim like on the dress. It costs $30 extra. Please simply leave this request in the comment section to your order. 

  • Barbara 12 of August 2018:

    I’ve just ordered this cloak and am considering adding fur trim once it arrives. Do you know approximately how many yards I would need to fully finish out the edges for the whole of the cape and hood? Thanks!


    Hi, Barbara! The hem of the cloak is about 9 yards long, the edge of the hood is 3 yards.

  • Hannah K 21 of January 2017:

    How warm is the cloak? Is it only for spring/autumn or for winter too?

    ArmStreet team:

    Well, of course it depends on where you are, winter can be really different. :)
    We use dense sheep wool, its weight is about 400-450 g per 1 m², it's quite thick and heavy.
    Recommended temperature level is from +3°C to +7°C with no wind, or from +6°C to +15°C if there is cool wind (in Fahrenheit degrees: 37°-44°F with no wind, or 42°-59°F if there is cool wind).
    It is really warm if you wear a sweater underneath though. It actually feels like a demi-season coat.

  • Paul Engelke 10 of October 2016:

    Would it be possible to get black, no trim, but add white crosses like your crusader cloak? If so what would the change on cost be?

    ArmStreet team:

    The cloak cannot be made without the trim and with the crosses, sorry.

  • Ásta Helgadóttir 09 of September 2016:

    Could I get it with the Gold Accolade trim?

    ArmStreet team:

    Yes, the cloak can be made with the Gold Accolade trim for $20.00 extra. If it works for you, you can place an order via the website and mention the trim in the comments to the order.

  • Laura 12 of August 2016:

    Hello, love your products or should I say "art", just magnificent. Is the lilac wool still available for this amazing cloak? Thank you.

    ArmStreet team:

    Thank you for your kind words! The lilac wool is available, just mention it in the comments to your order.

  • Ásta Helgadóttir 27 of July 2016:

    what is the maximum length for this cloak?

    ArmStreet team:

    Due to the width of the wool it can not be made longer then 55 inches. Should fit well for full height 5'5'' or shorter.

  • Karoline 14 of January 2016:

    I'de totally buy this, if I could get it in prune, or perhaps red wine. Really do hope you get the colour back!

  • becky 19 of November 2015:

    When will this be available in purple again?

    ArmStreet team:

    Prune wool is not available any more, we have had it in limited quantities, sorry. This cloak can be made of Lilac wool (simply add a comment to your order), which is the most similar to Prune wool of those that we have in stock.

  • Sarah 12 of October 2015:

    Does this cloak can be made with purple-peachy pomegranate trim? Thanks!

    ArmStreet team:

    Yes, can be made with narrow purple-peachy pomegranate trim for $25 extra. Simply add a comment to your order, and we'll send an invoice for the extra charge directly to your PayPal email.

  • Anine Olsen Englund 02 of June 2015:

    Good day. May I ask how much fabric one usually need to sow such a cloak as this? Thank you

    ArmStreet team:

    We use about 9.8 m² of wool per one cloak (~11.7 yd²).

  • Kathryn Letcher 20 of August 2014:

    I would like to see larger pictures of all of the trims for this. As soon as I do I will be ordering this. Thank you, Kathryn

    ArmStreet team:


    Gold Celtic trim    Silver Celtic trim

    Blue Rowena trim    Red Rowena trim

    Green Sleeves trim    Green Gold Celtic trim

  • Terri H. 06 of March 2014:

    Does this cloak have arm slits so the wearer can use her arms while the cloak is closed? Thanks.

    ArmStreet team:

    This cloak has no arm slits.

  • Eva 12 of January 2014:

    Hi! I love tour designs. :) I'm interested in a grey cloak but I wonder if you can advise me on what trim would go well with that color?

    ArmStreet team:

     We think silver Celtic trim would be great for grey wool.

  • Darren Young 20 of January 2001:

    Love these! all the photos of the Armstreet clothes are superb.....

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6 Feedbacks

  • Carolyn  07 of April 2023:

    I absolutely love my cloak it came today and it is heavy! Which I love I bought the separate fibula which I'm not as in love with I'm not experienced with them so it'll most likely take time to get used to them but I have time till it gets cold! I would so buy again!

  • Jennifer Sheldon 15 of October 2020:

    My gorgeous cloaked arrived! I have been in search of the perfect cloak for years, and this one is IT. It is very well made: the seams are strong and neatly done, the material is warm and the perfect weight for it to drape and swing with style. The trim is a really nice touch: I got the 'Greensleeves' trim on the black wool. All in all, it was worth the money, and worth waiting for. Highly Recommended!

  • Margaret Saccomanno 01 of October 2017:

    Hello there, This is my 5th Arm Street cloak and what can I say GORGEOUS! The photo's do not do this cloak justice. I am having trouble deciding on a clasp but I have a month or so before it will be cold enough here to wear it. I grew-up in Ireland where the full round cloaks were wonderful when you were riding as they covered you and the horse and you basically took advantage of the body heat of your horse. I wear mine today with a heavy sweater or if it's really cold with a hoodless cashmere cloak under it the cashmere is light but adds a warmth which will take you right down to below freezing temperatures. I stopped wearing coats years ago (I always wore them in Ireland but stopped when I first came to the US because at that time NOBODY wore them as a coat. I finally got to the point of WHO CARES! I get nothing but compliments on my Arm Street cloaks and many requests for their web address which I am happy to provide! Wonderful website! Very easy to navigate and easy to find any information you are looking for. I didn't experience any glitches at all. The only thing I did notice is that there are not as many photo's of the different items as there used to be. There were only 4 of this cloak on the new site but quite a few more if I remember correctly on the old site. God Bless in your endeavors and will see you next year for the other cloak I had a hard time choosing between. Margie


    Thank you so much for your wonderful review! :) 

    Always welcome to ArmStreet!

  • Laura 03 of October 2016:

    Hello, my exquisite cloak arrived and I simply do not have words for how amazing it is. I had high expectations and you have surpassed my best imaginings. The quality and workmanship are second to none. I dare say I will never be cold again! Now I just need to have more occasions to wear this masterpiece. Thank you so much. Til the next time, laura M

    ArmStreet team:

    Thank you so much for such great feedback, Laura, we are so pleased to hear this!
    Enjoy wearing the cloak and always welcome back to ArmStreet! :)

  • Kathryn 19 of September 2014:

    If you are thinking about this there are a few things you should know. The black wool is matte. This is a heavy garment. Mine weighs about 6 pounds and is about 7 feet across. To prevent dragging place it further back on your shoulders and use a clasp. Be very sure about your numbers because this garment is all about draping. I love mine and can't wait for winter to come.

    ArmStreet team:

    Thanks for such a useful review, Kathryn! This cloak really is the best choice for winter!

  • Lillie Gibson 20 of January 2001:

    I already bought one, and it's gorgeous!!

    ArmStreet team:

    Thank  you for feedback! Always welcome!

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