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“Water Flowers” Elf Silk Cape

Embroidered and beaded back piece

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For some reasons this item is not available at the moment. Please contact our support at for more detailed information or check these categories for similar items:

“Water Flowers” Silk Cloak

Embroidered and beaded elf princess cloak

Our new “Water Flowers” collection features graceful clothing and accessories inspired by elves, Art Nouveau, and gorgeous water gardens, expressed through natural fabrics and ornate embroidery and beading. We’ve created a number of new gowns, wedding dresses, accessories, and jewellery items to create a collection that evokes effortless romance and the timeless beauty of elves.

This wonderful cape does not wrap around the front to close, it is instead attached via fibulas at the shoulder so it can flow behind you. This unique garment is purely a piece to accent the back of your dress or costume. There are two main aspects to this cape: the heavily ornate and embroidered shoulder yoke at the top, and the light, ethereal silk that flows down your back.

A huge amount of care and detail has been put into making the embroidery perfect. The flower in the middle of the yoke has been hand-dyed to ensure a nice gradient, from white to pink, down to a pleasant beige at the bottom which gives it dimension. It is further embellished with embroidery and finished with hand stitching and tiny beads to create one of the most complicated, opulent panels of detail we have ever put on a garment.

Flowing down from the yoke is the rest of the cape, pleated towards the middle for added movement, and cut on the bias for maximum length and flow. Even though cutting on the bias requires more fabric, it was worth it to get such a stunning result - you’ll understand when you see how it moves with you! The cape is slightly shorter at the sides, peaking at the middle where it flows to its maximum length.

This cape is made from one of the most amazing materials we’ve ever worked with: 100% natural silk. Real silk catches the light without having the tacky artificial shine that some synthetic fabrics have. It ends up with an illuminated shine that shows the true color of the fabric beautifully, which is sure to take the breath away from anyone who sees it.

At the top of the yoke, you’ll find loops made from golden soutache, which allow you to attach the cape with fibulas without damaging the silk.

Please note that fibulas are not included but can be bought in our store.

This cape is expertly finished and has been made by our incredibly skilled seamstresses, who have decades of experience making fine costumes and bridal wear. Given that this fabric is so technically difficult to work with, extra care has been put in to make sure it is well constructed and beautiful inside and out.

The cape is available in two sizes to fit perfectly the neckline of the "Water Flowers" dresses. Please, consult our size chart to choose the right one for you: clothing sizes 0-4 match S/M cape size while sizes 6-12 are better to be accompanied by the cape in size L/XL.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • 100% natural silk;
  • Embroidery thread;
  • Beads.


  • Length at the center of the back: 144cm (56 ¹¹/₁₆'');
  • Length at the sides: 102cm (40 ⁵/₃₂'').


  • Bias cut for great length and flow;
  • Attaches with elven fibulas at the shoulders;
  • Does not wrap around the front - purely a back piece;
  • Embroidered top yoke;
  • Soutache loops for attachment;
  • Beaded details;
  • Pure natural silk.

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1 feedback

  • Dawson 20 of August 2021:

    This piece is absolutely beautiful. It pulls the whole collection together

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