Halloween Witch Garb

Patched-up dress with boned corset belt


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Halloween Witch Garb

Patched-up dress with boned corset belt

Witchcraft tradition has spawned many legends on how a true witch outfit looks like. We feel it should be something extravagant and flashy, cascading with ragged shreds and folds, fully reflecting her exalted character.

Regardless of whether you use a magic wand, do not hide your inner witch dressing casually. Hosting magic rituals under the moonlight requires decent clothes, and here’s our ultimate witch set - a special edition of a long flowing dress accomplished with a boned corset. The dress design is heralded from 1400’s Gothic influence, and will certainly make you the center of attraction at any renaissance faire or costuming event. Elongated silhouette emphasizes breast and waist, while dense unbleached linen of the main body ensures it’s not see-through. Long and wide sleeves can be adjusted to any length with the help of drawstring casing. Wide skirt is accented with patches stitched up to the dress with the visible decorative seam.

The patched hem of the dress proclaims her a witch from fairytales, while curvy lines of the corset remind she might be skilled in making philters and casting a love-spells. Elaborate underbust corset belt consists of 16 parts, both front portion and lining are made of high-end natural linen with all seams secured with multiple rows of stitching. Synthetic whalebones mold the curve from the waist to the abdomen, while neatly arranging the underbelly. Black is typically associated with mystery and rebellion, but on the other hand, it’s a visually slimming color which aids in creating a wasp waist. Front lacing makes it easier to adjust and modify these widths to your needs.

Do wear black, but remember to use magic in harmony with the Universe - good deeds are eventually returned to the sender. Lace up your corset, grab the broom, it’s time the witch in you to bloom!

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  • Dress - natural unbleached linen;
  • Sleeves - transparent sackcloth linen;
  • Patches - 3 types of linen;
  • Corset - linen, plastic bones, metal D-rings, satin cord.


  • Boned corset;
  • Gothic silhouette;
  • Patches with decorative stitching;
  • Adjustable semi-transparent sleeves;
  • Corset reduces waist by up to 4 in.

Corset dimensions:

  • Back portion from top to bottom - 9 13/16" (25 cm);
  • Front portion from top to bottom - 7 7/8" (20 cm).

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