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Blackened Fantasy barbute Helmet

Lightweight head protection

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Blackened Fantasy Barbute Helmet

Lightweight head protection

This helmet was partially inspired by the historical “Barbute” helm, which is characterised by a “T” shape gap in the front that allows for visibility and room to breathe. The helmet is flared at the bottom and has a shape similar to a bascinet, sloping up to a point at the top and coming to a point at the back which is reminiscent of an early sallet. The shape of this helmet is quite stylised and has a look to it that could be interpreted as a little bit elvish. Though we were inspired by history, this helmet is a creation from our own imaginations - which is why we think it looks so cool!

Our fantasy barbute is made from 65g steel (1.4mm thick), and has been chemically blued in order to give it some protection against rust. This process leaves it with a wonderful, vibrant black tone that looks beautiful and also serves a function. This rich colour is complemented by solid brass rivets, which contrast with the black.

This is a premium helmet, pre-padded and strapped, and ready for combat. The steel is lightweight and the craftsmanship is utterly flawless. All of the materials used are high-quality, and it has been handmade with care by one of our expert blacksmiths.

Please note that although this helmet has been blued to prevent rust, it is still susceptible and requires the same amount of care as any other non-stainless helmet.

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  • 65g steel (1.4mm);
  • Brass rivets;
  • Leather straps.


  • Fantasy design;
  • Blued for rust resistance;
  • Padded;
  • Leather straps.

Padding options:

  • no padding;
  • open cell foam fabric padding (light formats);
  • closed cell foam fabric padding (heavy formats).

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