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Hourglasses SCA Finger Gauntlets

Hourglasses SCA Finger Gauntlets
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Medieval Gauntlets Hourglass

Fighting finger gauntlets for SCA

Our famous combat-ready “Hourglass” finger gauntlets for SCA and medieval re-enactment have gone much further from the basic version we made around 10 years ago. The last time, they went through so many adjustments to work even better in bouts. Updated pairs seem to be tremendous from our point of view.

Excellent quality handmade armor based on the survived historical examples of late XIV - early XV centuries. The original design of these gauntlets appeared in the second half of XIV century was so lucky that for almost a century most of the finger gauntlets were deriving from this type. “Hourglass” gauntlets and their modifications were seen on the battlefields of the Medieval Europe from the Battle of Auray to the Battle of Castillon. Perhaps, lots of these metal gloves were still in use during the War of The Roses – especially among men-at-arms and professional soldiers. Decades of wars proved the endurance and safety of this design.

This model of gauntlets has been developed and improved in constant consultations with SCA marshals and fighters. Great flexibility as well as a right level of hand protection and sweet craftsmanship. The deep curvature of the finger segments ensures best protection one can get from the SCA finger-gauntlets. These steel gauntlets are the single most important model in our SCA gauntlets line. Our “Hourglass” medieval gauntlets are the universal armor hand protection ranging the activities from heavy SCA combat to the rebated steel melee and suitable for virtually any weapon from halberd or battle-ax to an early XVI century ritteschwert – for all fighters and warriors who needs precision weapon control and fingers dexterity.

List of the latest updates:

  • Shorter cuffs;
  • Closed finger tips;
  • Deeper finger plates;
  • Significantly deeper thumb plate with shaped tip;
  • Curved main plate to protect inner side of the hand;
  • Turned little finger plates to protect from hit from below both when fingers clenched or relaxed;
  • Turned index finger plates to close the gap between finger plates and sword grip;
  • Non-removable handsewn leather gloves with foam pads.


  • Stainless steel 16 ga (1.5 mm) - main plate and cuffs;
  • Stainless steel 18 ga (1 mm) - finger plates;
  • Genuine gloving leather - inner gloves.

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Hourglasses SCA Finger Gauntlets How much is the thickness

ArmStreet team:

Finger-gauntlets are made of 16 ga (1.5mm) stainless steel.

Paul Engelke:

Can this gauntlet be done with the chain cuff or the other gauntlet be done without brass and etching?

ArmStreet team:

We can make our Finger Gauntlets “Prince of the East” with no etching and brass, please just mention it in the comments to your order.

Dustin Shields:

What about padding? Do these gauntlets transfer all of the impact to the sword and how thick is the gloves?

ArmStreet team:

The Gauntlets go with the inner leather gloves, the gloves are thick enough to amortize the beats well. These Gauntlets are good enough for SCA or BOTN, still for really heavy buhurts we'd recommend to chose this type of Gauntlets.


Got the gloves today, was really excited to see how they fit, they slip on like a charm and tighten just enough to give me control without feeling like my fingers get pinched, I have quite skinny fingers and was a bit worried the gloves would be too roomy, not the case! This is my first armor item I own, so I can't say I have comparisons, but I feel I can articulate well and don't feel too restricted. will definitely continue using Armstreet in the future, thank you for a great product.

ArmStreet team:

Pleased to hear this, thank you for such an informative and detailed review! I am sure it will be useful to our customers! Always welcome back to ArmStreet!


When measuring in inches, should I round to the nearest inch or should I be as specific as half inches?

ArmStreet team:

Please provide your actual measurements without rounding them. Noninteger numbers should be written as a decimal numbers, rather than simple fractions. For example, your wrist circumference is seven inches and a half. Then write it as 7.5, not 7 1/2.


Excellent articulation, great protection, perfect fit, and gorgeous appearance. If you're wondering whether to get these gauntlets, do it!

ArmStreet team:

Wow, thank you for such an amazing review, Alan! Always welcome back to ArmStreet!


Do the fingers bridge onto the haft or handle of the weapon so that when struck the force of the blow is transferred directly to the weapon not the fingers. Can we see more detailed photos of the grip?

ArmStreet team:

The impact force cannot be transferred to the fingers, as the gloves tightly cover them. Fingers perfectly bridge over the handle, so far we have never received any feedback about the poor grip.

Janet Reese:

Great gauntlets! I really need a pair of these!

ArmStreet team:

You're welcome ;)

Brendan Moss:

beautiful work of art,  i love the design, feel, & personal touch!!!!

ArmStreet team:

Great feedback! Thank you, Brendan!


It says custom modifications are possible upon request. Would it be possible to have something engraved on the gauntlets and if so how much would that cost?

ArmStreet team:

Cost of custom etching depends on the complexity of the image that should be etched. Please email us some pictures of the pattern at

Spencer Wakeling:

Can you do enclosed thumb tips for these hourglass gauntlets to add extra protection?

ArmStreet team:

Such option is not available for today, sorry.


Silly question: I'm interested in these hourglass gauntlets, which presumably come as a pair, but I'm wondering if you do "half orders?" I kind of just want one.

ArmStreet team:

No problems, we can make just one gauntlet if needed.


Made an order yesterday and forgot to purchase the insurance. Is it to late to add it?

ArmStreet team:

We'll send an invoice for the insurance to your PayPal email.


I have your gothic suit in stainless I would like the gauntlets to be stainless also but I don't see a place to specify on the order. very pleased with you all I would like to order the finger gauntlet hourglass ASAP thanks

ArmStreet team:

Now these gauntlets come in stainless steel by default.

Cayce Goldberg:

These are simply amazing gauntlets, what you see in the picture is what you get in reality. The only difference I can see is that my gloves are red leather which looks even better than the examples you see here. The gloves are sewn onto a brown leather lining that is attached to the metal parts so it's a very secure attachment. Your fingers will have a lot of freedom in these gauntlets, they fit me very well and I can move each one of my fingers individually. The thumb is a little bit restricted in back and forth motion because of the nature of the design, but side to side movement is excellent. My hands are really small making it nearly impossible to touch the tips of my fingers to my palms but the range is more than enough to grip a spear or sword tightly. I was even able to unscrew the cap of a bottle and drink while wearing these. If you want a beautiful pair of gauntlets that are also highly functional, I would suggest picking these up. The price is fantastic for the quality.

ArmStreet team:

Thanks for your detailed review, Cayce!


These are absolutely fantastic quality and have transcended all my hopes for intensity I spar at!

ArmStreet team :

Thank you!


what would air freight cost for shipping. to Apple Valley MN 55124 USA

ArmStreet team:

Worldwide air shipping costs $37.00, it's equal for all countries.

Digital Squire:

Are gloves included with these gauntlets and are they attached?

ArmStreet team:

Yes, inner leather gloves are included.

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