Medieval flax linen dress, chemise and bodice “Archeress”

September 3, 2012

Medieval flax linen dress, chemise and bodice "Archeress"

Linen dress with short sleeves.
Slim fit bodice of the tunic emphasizes breast and waist while wide skirt with 4 additional gussets drapes with soft pleats. All this combines into well-known medieval silhouette of the XIII-XIV centuries.
The skirt is hemmed with the trim as well as sleeves and neckline. Also the trim is used to decorate the lacing fastening at the fore part of a gown.
Colour of the trim can be selected according to the desired colour of the dress.

Chemise is made of thin unbleached natural linen. It can be put on with most medieval dresses or even worn on its own.
Classic gothic silhouette (typical for the european feminine fashion of the XIII-XIV centuries) emphasizes breast and waist while softly draping hips.
Long and wide sleeves can be adjusted to any length up to biceps with the help of drawstring casing.

"Archeress" corset
This natural suede bodice corset has been designed specially for this costume
It's design half based on patterns and decorations of European renaissance corset and half on later period German and French bodices
This corset has easily recognizable slope shoulder line and stand-up half-collar. Waist is tightly swifted while breast remains almost free. 
Front lacing gives necessary flexibility and fine fit. Decorative rolled edges laced along bottom and arm-slits complete the look.