ArmStreet Bonus Bags: What Are They Good For?

April 1, 2018

ArmStreet Bonus Bags: Where do they come from and what are they for?

Most of our customers know the joy of receiving a parcel from ArmStreet, opening it up, and finding that their custom-made item is contained in a beautiful little cotton or linen bag! These bags, however, are more than just a delightful bonus for our customers - they’re a vital part of our manufacturing process and help us save a ton of waste.

Linen bag in production

Here at ArmStreet, we’re always looking for ways to streamline our processes and make use of all of our materials more efficiently. Not long into doing business, however, we realised that there was one thing we just couldn’t get around - fabric scraps. We had mass amounts of gorgeous linen and cotton just being stacked up, too small to be used for another garment but too big to just be thrown away. We had no idea what to do with it! Then we figured it out…

Cutting garments at ArmStreet

Bags! Easy for us to make, these bags quickly became a fan-favorite of our loyal customers.

Sewing linen garments at ArmStreet

We are always delighted to see how our customers are using our bags, because the way they can be put to use are endless! Here’s a short list of some of our favourite way we’ve seen our friends and customers use their ArmStreet bags.

1. As a laundry bag.

Events can be long, and we all know that things get smelly! The breathable linen bags are an excellent solution as a place to keep all of your dirty laundry so that it isn’t scattered all over your tent and doesn’t get too musty.

Linen bag as a laundry bag

2. As a hat.

One of our favorite uses! Just adjust the draw string and roll it up at the bottom to create a fashionable hat.

Linen bag as a medieval hat

3. To protect your hair from riveted maile.

Our employee Madeleine from Australia uses the bag to protect her hair when she puts on her riveted maile. Anyone who has ever had it caught in their hair before knows the pain! The bags are just see through enough that you’re not completely blind as you stumble along trying to armor up.


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4. Storage for your clothing.

Some people use their bags to store their clothing from ArmStreet exactly as it was when it arrived! The bags protect your clothing and also keep them neat and tidy if the clothes are folded properly before being placed inside.

Linen bag as a storage container

5. As a bag for your character

Didn’t have enough money for a pouch after buying that fancy new tunic? Is your coin pouch too small to hold all of your other treasures? No problem! Hang the bag from your belt by the drawstring and you have an instant bag to store potion bottles, scrolls, food… anything you need, really!

Linen bag as, well, a bag! Linen bag as, well, a bag!

Do you have another use for your ArmStreet bag? We’d love to see how you’re using it, especially if you’ve found a particularly creative use! Post it in the comments below and let us know :)