How to measure yourself - Men's costume and armor

Please provide in inches or in metric system for your choice.

Boys measurements

  1. Height — your full height (growth) from top to the floor
  2. Head circumference — head circumference along eyebrows
  3. Neck circumference
  4. Shoulder length — length from neck to shoulder
  5. Shoulder circumference - along the armpit
  6. Arm length — length from shoulder to wrist measured along external side
  7. Chest — chest circumference (measured along bust for ladies)
  8. Waist circumference — waist circumference along belt line
  9. Body length — from shoulder to waist
  10. Hips circumference — hips circumference in wider point
  11. Thigh circumference
  12. Knee circumferenc
  13. Calf circumference
  14. Ankle circumference
  15. Biceps circumferenc
  16. Elbow circumference
  17. Wrist circumference
  18. Knee to ankle length — distance from middle of knee to ankle
  19. Inseam — pants internal stitch length
  20. Outseam — pants external stitch length (i.e. length from belt to ankle)

Please, taking measurements for the armor piece, wear the padding clothes!

Please ensure that the measurements you send are correct as we cannot be held responsible for any wrong measurements being given.

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