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“Key Keeper” Cloak

Limited Edition Wool Cape

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"Key Keeper" Cloak

Limited Edition Wool Cape

Our "Key Keeper" Collection is a versatile wardrobe of medieval-inspired items that are practical as well as beautiful. Even though we've designed the items to look great together, we also know that they will have an easy time fitting into the wardrobe of anyone looking for a few more pieces to complete their own outfits.

This cape drapes gracefully across your shoulders and flows to the ground – it is very long! Instead of using a traditional medieval cape pattern, we’ve added additional gores to make sure we could get the maximum length and fullness to make the best cape possible. The cape sits around your collarbones and can be closed with a fibula, which can be passed through two loops of cord sewn into the trim to avoid damaging the fabric.

The cape is made from woolen cloth, which makes for a great cape because it is water-resistant, drapes in a nice way, and keeps you warm in colder weather. Wool has been used for millennia to make hard-wearing, comfortable clothing, so history agrees that this is a great fabric choice! The majority of the cape is made from one color, with contrasting wool accenting it at the edges. Between the two colors of wool is a strip of trim, which has been custom designed by our artists to match our “Key Keeper” collection. This trim features stars, diamonds, and other geometric shapes and has been inspired by medieval patterns.

The color schemes we’ve used for these cloaks are absolutely perfect and designed to match the trims. The first option is made from beige wool with red edges, which has a classy appeal to it. The other option is a lovely shade of blue with yellow edges that really give it a bright look and makes it pop. No other color combinations are currently available as we feel that these two are already perfect.

The most amazing part of this cape is the fine finishing. The trim and wool edging have been attached in a very crisp, masterful way that can only be achieved from many years of tailoring experience. All of the internal seams are finished at the edges with lacing to hide any raw fabric – in a matching blue for the blue cape, and a contrasting red for the beige. A subtle bordering flat braid trim has been sewn into the edge of the trim going down the front of the cape to better emphasize and accent the border.

Overall, this is a masterfully created piece that has been made from a limited run of a special wool, just in time for the colder months. If you love this cape, don’t wait – it won’t be around forever!

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  • Woolen cloth;
  • Trim;
  • Cord;
  • Flat braid trim.


  • Limited run of special wool cloth;
  • Contrasting wool border;
  • Blue/ yellow or beighe/ red;
  • Perfectly matching trim;
  • Fine finishing;
  • Very long;
  • Nice drape.

This item is part of the “Stories of the Castle” collection

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