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Witchcraft Earrings “Labyrinth”

Witchcraft Earrings “Labyrinth”

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Witchcraft Earrings “Labyrinth”

Long dangle metal earrings


Mystical. Torrid. Unknowable. For the seamy side of your character.

Large and long dangling earrings are an exquisite and valuable piece of jewelry for any sorceress to get. Masterfully handcrafted in the full spirit of authentic traditional witchcraft using a premium quality brass, each original recipe oil blend is carefully formulated for high impact enhancement of your own magical consciousness.

Each earring consists of two different-sized round elements suspended with fish hook closures. Elongated drops jingle dazzling as the wind sweep through them. Suitable to wear all day long, made to last. An etched and blackened pattern is built according to the so-called sacred geometry, includes different maze paths.

Have they been empowered with the sacred energies to aid in spiritual and ritual work? Or being amulet earrings, are they protection effective? The maze offers a variety of symbolism including survival, persistence, and fortune's variance. The shortest path isn't first here, but no one can get lost in these labyrinths because there are many ways into the inside.

p.s.: The Company does not guarantee the outcome of any spell with the use of these earrings!


  • Made of brass;
  • Labyrinth etching;
  • Fish hook closure.


  • Bigger plate diameter 1 3/8 in (3.5 cm);
  • Smaller plate diameter 9/16 in (1.5 cm);
  • Full length ~4 in (10 cm).

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Please note that this item made of stainless steel/with stainless steel accents will be non-blackened, as blackening cannot be performed on stainless steel.


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