Brass Circlet Rus Style

Medieval “a la Russe” crown

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Rus Style Brass Circlet 

Medieval “a la Russe” crown 

This stunningly beautiful and unusually shaped circlet resembles the traditional headwear worn by the Rus girls and women during the XVI-XIX centuries, called “kokoshnik”. They were tall, comb-shaped and highly decorated with brocade, beads and jewels. This women's headdress became a true symbol of the Russian folk costume.

Inspired by images of the Russian beauties of the past, we created this unique circlet. 

Our A la Russe crown looks luxurious, meanwhile it's full of restraint inherent to aristocratic accessories. Its shape comes close to the domes of temples, and complex cut through patterns combine floral and oriental motifs.

This lightweight, elegant circlet is made of brass and curved in the shape of your head, so it's comfortable to wear without any special attachment. The circlet is about 6,5 cm (2.4 in) tall at the highest point in the center.

This exquisitely crafted circlet will add charm to every outfit. It is a perfect accessory for a wedding with a special, sophisticated atmosphere or for any other themed events, parties and performances. It is also a great gift for your loved one or for yourself!

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Brass (1.5mm).


  • A la Russe style;
  • Cut-through patterns;
  • ArmStreet design;
  • One size.

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1 Comment

  • Dawn 07 of July 2016:

    Hi there! I was simply curious which dress this is? It is very pretty, and I love the golden combo with that particular trim.

    ArmStreet team:

    This is the 'White Swan' dress with the modified long sleeves and the Franks trim. If you like it, we could make it for you. The price will be $184 + $34 shipping, just contact us at

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