“Elements” Cape - Masculine

Limited Edition Apocalypse Gear

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“Elements” Cape - Masculine

Limited Edition Apocalypse Gear

Things have been a bit different in the office: after over a decade of creating protective gear for medieval battles, we’re now producing armor for a very different kind of war. We have been designing, prototyping and crafting masks and face shields faster than ever before to try and keep our heroes out there on the front lines safe during the pandemic. We have been ordering kilometers of fabric and working around the clock, balancing our usual load of orders with also making essential protective gear.

Though we’re spending a lot of our time making items to donate to our local hospitals, we also wanted to create something for our customers. Our new “Elements” Cape is like nothing we have ever produced before - not only is it incredibly cheap compared to our usual pricing models, but it’s also made from modern fabric, and meant to something that can be worn in both modern and medieval settings. This is the kind of garb that will protect you while you go on essential supply runs to the grocery store and pharmacy, ready to be thrown directly in the washing machine upon your return home. This ArmStreet's first item to be designed, prototyped and put into production in under a week! We have made it robust and stylish enough to be more than just a piece of memorabilia from pandemic times - it will also make an excellent coat for rainy events (I'm looking at you, Pennsic!), and even a fashion-forward raincoat with modern clothing.

Crafted from a modern synthetic which is water-resistant, this cape is basically a loose-fitting, enclosed tube that seals you off from the hostile environment. Instead of sleeves, it has slits for your hands which do up with adjustable velcro to make sure you get a good fit. It is meant to be put on like a sweater, with a velcro opening at the neck to help you fit your head through. This opening does back up to be either loose around your neck or tight-fitting for maximum safety. There is a large pocket at the front to give you somewhere to put your phone or credit cards while you're out supply hunting.

This particular “Elements” Cape has been inspired by some of the shapes and patterns found in our masculine clothing styles. If you’re wanting something with a more feminine look to it, we have another version available as well. This version is slightly shorter, has longer "sleeves", has a larger pocket at the front, and the cuffs on the sleeves are 5cm (1 ³¹/₃₂'') wide. The hood is similar to our Viking hoods and has a horizontal drawstring from edge-to-edge that adjusts it at the back of the head and makes it fit securely.

We've been through a lot with ArmStreet, including a major recession and a war, both having a huge impact on how we do business. Overall, we've learned that the most important thing is taking care of our employees like they are our own family and staying in contact with our customers. Through this pandemic it is our intention to continue working, creating beautiful things that make your smile, while at the same time keeping our staff safe and doing as much as we can to aid our local hospitals and other essential industries. Purchasing this cape will not only keep you safer but also give us more resources to continue production, both of medieval costumes and face masks. We're determined to keep spirits up, our workers employed and busy, and protect as many people as possible.

Apocolypse cape creation timeline

Please, continue to fight the good fight, stay home, take care of each other and stay healthy! We would also like to say a huge thank you to all of the essential workers and medical staff out there, keeping the grocery stores stocked, mail delivered, saving lives and generally keeping the world running. You are the true heroes here, thank you!

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Water resistant polyester;
  • Velcro.


  • Length: 123cm (48 ²⁷/₆₄'');
  • Width at the hem: 150cm (59 ¹/₁₆'').


  • Water-resistant raincoat fabric;
  • Stand up collar;
  • Hood;
  • Functional front pocket;
  • Adjustable velcro cuffs.

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