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Fully functional replica of the medieval helmets for SCA, reenactment, Western Martial Art practice, theaters and period films.

ArmStreet is proud to present our collection of the medieval helmets.
From the ancient times helmet was the most important attribute of the warrior — not only critical protection for the head and face, but also a sign of the military status and (last, but not least) demonstration of wealth and the success. Even relatively simple helmet during Carolingian period had a price equal of two cows!
During medieval time steel helmet became as distinctive attribute of a knight as a sword — decorated with knight's crest it was literally his business card!

Collection of our recent models spans from late VIII - early IX century "Gjermundbu" helmets to the late XVI century burgonet and armet types. It covers not only classical European models of knights and men-at-arms helmets but also represents Slavic and Central Asia types. Looking at the pictures of our helmets anyone could see what a great transformation helmets have endured during that period: from relatively simple models of the "dark ages" to the pinnacle of the engineering and design during Late Medieval time.

All our helmets are made with utmost attention for safety and quality. Their design is based on the museum examples and utilizes years of experience in armor combat. All helmets are rigorously tested for the compliance with safety regulations of the appropriate organizations (SCA, HEMA etc.) and handmade from the materials of the best quality.

It is important to stress that safety standards for the different types of martial activity are different — therefore we would strongly recommend to look at the type of activity particular helmet would be suitable for: helmet perfectly good for SCA heavy weapon may require modifications for the WMA/HEMA type fight, and helmets for jousting have to have a different design compare to ones intended for the rebated steel combat.

As usually, we are open to suggestions and individual modifications of virtually all models are available upon request.

Design & Development: ArtAround
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