Medieval tents for sale

The most important thing to have in a packing list when going to any medieval festival with a nightstand or longer – reliable portable shelter to sleep as comfortably as at home. You can either build your own moving castle or even a gothic abbey on the base of a RV trailer and get the endless pilgrimage of impressed neighbours and tourists. Or buy medieval tent from a well-known vendor and enjoy your stay in a calm and cozy atmosphere, sharing the space with close friends and campmates or having your own private apartment.

We have experience of production of custom medieval tents of various styles and shapes. Round and square shelters supported by a single central pole used to be available in our medieval tents store and were made of nylon-based fabric of bright colours. They were definitely the eye-catching structures at the temporary streets of long-lasting medieval festivals. Now we’ve discovered the trustworthy supplier of natural canvas with the extremely efficient water-resistant and wind stopping qualities and use it not only for production of medieval tents but also for clothes, such as viking style vest with hood.

Types of Middle Ages tent

One of the earliest mentions of the tents can be found in Bible. Initially built of leather, canopy of the tent soon evolved to linen or hemp canvas which was significantly more lightweight than the leather. The most widespread shapes of the medieval tents were:

  • Yurt used as portable home by northern peoples
  • Simple ridge design for military tents such as Romans have in use
  • Circus tent capable of gathering bigger amount of people for councils, feasts and negotiations

Our best-seller constantly available for purchase is a traditional viking canvas tent. It is delivered without wooden components to decrease the shipping costs for you – no matter if you are ordering from US, UK or Australia, the shipping price is set and cheering. However it is accomplished with a very detailed and informative guide on what wooden components to buy in the nearest store of construction supplies and with a video tutorial on how to assemble your tent.

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