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Franks Circlet Crown Trefoil

Polished brass crown

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Medieval Brass Circlet “Trefoil” 

Polished Brass Crown 

This graceful delicate brass circlet has been designed as a part of our Frank`s collection, but we must admit that once it was finished, we ended up with an independent amazingly beautiful piece!

Looking at this light and tender wreath, it is hard to imagine that it was cut out of a brass sheet. Our craftsmen did their best here and had a chance to use the laser cut-through technology in the best way they could, showing us the magic of blacksmithing once again. 

The brass is thick enough, but the circlet is still light and elegant. The design is absolutely unique. This medieval circlet has a universal one-size-fits-most clasp, so it will fit any head size from 55 cm to 62 cm (21.5'' to 24.5'') and will also allow a slight size-adjustment so you can change your circlet size to wear it with different hairstyles or over a veil or a light shawl.

A circlet or crown is always an important detail in a noble character look so as soon as you're going to enjoy any medieval, LARP, SCA event in style you need one to complete your costume. Our Trefoil medieval crown will amaze anyone who sees it, why not to add this small but incredibly elegant accessory to your wardrobe?

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Brass (1.5mm).


  • Unique design; 
  • Cut-through polished brass craftsmanship;
  • One-size-fits-most clasp (55 cm to 62 cm (21.5'' to 24.5'')).

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1 Comment

  • Jessica Bohatch 03 of April 2016:

    What dress is the model wearing in the photo? Thanks!

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Jessica, it is our Lady of the Lake dress. 

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