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“Sigfus the Shield” Viking Tunic

Woolen tunic with trim and accents

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"Sigfus the Shield" Woolen Tunic

Winter Viking tunic with trim

Sigfus was not always a fighter. Born in a small village, he was once just a child who dreamed of his boots hitting the same sand as Ragnar and Harold, of sleeping under the Northern Lights, and sailing through the fjords at sunrise. He didn’t know it as a boy, but one day he would do all of those things - and so much more.

This new addition to our bestselling Viking Collection will help you brave the cold weather so you can travel further and fight longer without needing to warm up near the fire. Designed from the same pattern as many of our most popular garments, our Sigfus tunic has the added bonus of being made from wool which is just as great in the rain as it is during warmer weather. Life is a mixture of hot and cold days, and with this tunic nothing will stop you from following in the footsteps of the Viking kings.

Our “Sigfus the Shield” tunic is based on the historical ‘Kragelund’ design, with some modifications to make the construction stronger and more comfortable for the modern body. A tunic is a vital part of any Viking outfit because it is often very visible - it is usually worn as a middle layer, over an undershirt and underneath a kaftan or cloak. Ours is a basic T-tunic shape featuring wide gussets under the arm with a tapered fit around the wrist, a keyhole neckline, and mid-thigh length with slits at the front and back. Together, all of these features mean that it is loose, comfortable, and easy to move in.

This tunic differs from our other bestselling Viking tunics because it is made from wool. Wool is an ideal all-weather material because it is breathable in warm weather, water-resistant in the fog and drizzle, and insulating in the cold. It is also a natural material, and a common textile used historically which helps our tunic look authentic. All of the seams on this garment are well finished and either flat or hidden, so you can rest easy knowing it will stand the test of time.

Vikings would embellish their clothing with embroidery or woven trim for many reasons: to protect them from evil spirits, to seal the seams and strengthen the garment, or just to look nice. We have chosen to embellish this tunic with contrasting trim of your choice that complements the color scheme of the wool and finishes the look. All of our Viking trims are ArmStreet exclusive, designed by our team of artists who were inspired by historical knotwork and viking art. On this tunic you can find this trim around the neckline, at the bottom of the sleeves, as well as the bottom hem of the garment - including the slits.

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  • Wool;
  • Flax linen accents;
  • Trim by ArmStreet.


  • Historically accurate design;
  • Comfortable fit;
  • Unique Viking style trim designed by ArmStreet;
  • Perfect manufacture quality.

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