Silk Veil “White Swan”

Pure silk white wedding headpiece

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Silk Veil “White Swan”

Pure silk white wedding headpiece

This is a subtle veil made of fine natural silk. Its design is very simple — a circle cut from a piece of silk measuring 1.5 m x 1.5 m with tiny rolled hems to prevent fraying.

In the Middle Ages, a woman should have her head covered with a veil, wimple, hat, hood or a combination of them to avoid her hair being shown. It was not appropriate for women to go bare-headed, only unmarried, young women can have her hair loose.

Silken veil is a simple but functional accessory that is suitable for both the bride or princess, for the noblewoman or middle class townswoman. The silk is soft and comfortable to wear. Wear it on its own, wrapped around the neck as well as the head, with a circlet or a crown.

Please note, the veil is not pure white, but rather a milky white color.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

Veil features:

  • 100% pure silk;
  • tiny rolled hems;
  • drapes effortlessly to compliment any period costume;
  • beautiful, flowing and light accessory;
  • one size.

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