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Men’s Medieval Braies

Authentic underpants from Morgan Bible

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Men’s Medieval Braies

Big authentic underpants from Morgan Bible, 12-14th cc.

The big braies are really huge, so if you don't feel ready for monstrously voluminous underwear of the ancestors, opt for the smaller version. Historically authentic braies only for true medieval enthusiasts!

Made of fine linen, in your choice of white or natural. Their pattern is an ode to geometric simplicity: two large trouser legs plus a rectangle for a crotch piece. The double seams are ultimately neat and reliable, no overlocker.

The perk of this model are those rolls of fabric at the waist, which many have seen, but few tried to recreate. In the absence of belt loops, which haven't yet been invented, your belt could slide down at the most inopportune moment, which threatens shameful accidental exposure. That's why medieval braies had a large surplus of fabric over the waistline, which was to be tucked into the belt to keep them in place. The result is one can get up, sit down and bow with his pants firmly resting on the hips without slipping down.

There are drawstrings at the bottom leg, which assume two main ways of wearing:
1) Simply adjust the drawstrings to your leg; this way, the braies will look extremely bulky.
2) More complex, still the most authentic way: after adjusting the drawstrings, pull their free ends to the outer seam through the back of the thigh (literally, pull them between your legs and then raise them up to your loin). In the end, fasten them to the waistband.

Medieval authentic underpants

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  • Fine linen.


  • Side rolls;
  • Voluminous loose fit;
  • Drawstring fastening;
  • Adjustable waistband;
  • Typical 12-14th cc. design.

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1 Comment

  • Thomas 26 of August 2019:

    Would you say it's safe to order these one size down to get the same look without so much bulk?

    ArmStreet Team:

    Hi Thomas, we recommend to select the right size since linen can shrink a little after washing. 

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