SCA Viking Helmet “Gjermundbu”

Spangenhelm adapted for SCA, HMB, BotN


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SCA Helmet “Gjermundbu”

Spangenhelm adapted for SCA, HMB, BotN

Reenacting a Viking has always meant to accept vulnerability because of the early open-faced helms. Here’s a solution - a battle version of the authentic Varangian helmet, targeting the competitors of full-contact medieval bouts and buhurts.

Since the excavations carried out in Norway during the Second World War, one of the unearthed finds is still regarded as unique. It’s a helmet, which could belong to a petty king and considered to be the only helmet dating back to the Viking era found in Scandinavia. Realizing how important chronological validity of the armour is, we’ve made this battle-ready model after that original spangenhelm pattern. Technical improvements intended to conform with the SCA safety requirements include hidden solid metal neck protection at the back and sides, grilled eye slots, hinged cheek plates, and stainless aventail weaved using European 4-in-1 scheme.

A perfect wedding of reliability and historicity is achieved by attention to all minor details, so the hidden plates are painted black to conceal them under the chainmail, while the cheek plates clasp repeats the shape of the visor buckles of the corresponding period. The grilled eye slots on the spectacle half-mask are an effective solution to the eternal vision vs protection dispute. Spans between the crossbars are less than 1 inch in all projections to prevent weapons from entering into the openings. A severe armor for true combatants!

For all those who root for historical accuracy, there is an authentic Gjermundbu helmet.

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  • Dome 14 ga stainless steel (2 mm);
  • Half-mask, cheek plates  - 16 ga stainless steel (1.5 mm);
  • Stainless aventail.


  • SCA-compliant;
  • Grilled eye slots;
  • Hidden protection;
  • 10th-century design;
  • Straps, aventail and padding included.

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