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Medieval Combat Barbuta with Visor SCA Reenactment Helm

Medieval Combat Barbuta with Visor SCA Reenactment Helm

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Mirror polishing
Satin polishing


inches cm

Italian Barbuta Helmet

Medieval combat SCA helmet, mid 15th c.

Great quality medieval combat helmet for SCA and reenactment. Basically comes in 16 ga (1.5 mm) cold-rolled (mild) steel. Visor is fully removable. Most armor researchers think that this helmet was designed in the middle of the XV century as upgrade of earlier barbuta helmet to make it more appropriate for tournaments and knight battles.

Available upgrades:

  • Upgrade to 16 ga stainless steel available for $80 extra
  • Upgrade to 14 ga stainless steel available for $130 extra
  • Authentic padding and chin strap are included

To check how to measure yourself please click here.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


Rex Burton:

Would it be possible to customize it to for consumers with glasses?

ArmStreet team:

According to the SCA rules, ordinary glass lenses are prohibited. We recommend replacing them with contact lenses, or wearing motorcycle goggles over the glasses. Then measure your head 1. as usual, along the eyebrows and 2. along the most exposed points of the goggles. Also please mention this detail in the comments to your order and we`ll
make the helmet considering that you`ll be wearing glasses.


Could you guys do the acid etching on the visor portion of this helm ? Also can you do custom acid etching ?

ArmStreet team:

For custom etching, please contact us at


Firstly ... The model on your pictures is it the "mirror polish" or "satin polish" ? Secondly ... is it the stainless version or not, and if it is, the "mirror / satin polish" choice is it still to do ? Finally ... the stainless version is it 2mm thickness (12 gauge) steel as the classic version, and is it as solid and sturdy ?

ArmStreet team:

The helmet from photos has mirror polish.
Stainless helmet can be mirror or satin polished as well.
Can be made of 14 ga (2 mm) steel, which is sturdy and reliable; we don't use 12 ga (2.5 mm) steel, sorry.

McCleary Searles:

Would it be possible to have the chinstrap strap on the chin, keeping the helmet in place? ALSO, would it be possible to have a strap attached to the visor, going around the back of the helmet to keep the visor in place for SCA legal combat?

ArmStreet team:

Chin strap is included.
Visor strap around helmet - extra $15.


Damn this is an awesome helmet, but the price.. THE PRICE!!

ArmStreet team:

It's really awesome helm!

Nicolas Freeland:

Can you make this helm blackened or blued? Or is it satin or polished only? Thanks.

ArmStreet team:

To date we don't make blackening and blueing.

dave kershaw:

hi, do you sell the visor to this helmet separate?? if so how much for sending it to england

ArmStreet team:

Technically this is possible, but we can't guarantee that the visor which is made remotely will work with your helmet.

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