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Round leather bag "Fireside Family

Soft leather round pouch


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"Fireside Family" Leather Bag

Embossed leather round pouch

Our “Fireside Family” collection is practical as well as beautiful in its simplicity. From basic tunics to functional bags, it shines with quality construction and subdued accents. We often find that it can be simple to overdo it and make complicated items, but it’s actual complicated to make simple things! It’s all about knowing when to sit back and admire your work and be happy with what you’ve created without taking it too far. This bag is the perfect example of this delightful simplicity.

Bags were incredibly important during medieval times because of the lack of pockets on pants. It was common to wrap items in fabric or leather to protect them as you carried them around - the edges of the fabric could be tied into a knot and stuck on a belt to create an instant bag. This little bag is the spiritual successor to this idea, enhanced by ArmStreet style and quality.

Made with high-grade leather, this bag is a round shaped drawstring pouch. The bag itself is surprising voluminous, gathered closed and laced at the top with a thicker leather panel that wraps around the whole pouch. Lacing allows you to attach it to your belt and keep your coins close.

It is unisex in design and humble in appearance, meaning it is a great option for a number of different medieval, SCA and LARP events. Travellers, shopkeepers, everyday people, and even those of more noble status could be seen with a bag like this, and the neutral design means it won’t clash with your style and instead will blend in as a seamless part of our kit.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


  • Soft leather;
  • Sturdy leather;
  • Waxed lacing.


  • ArmStreet design;
  • Two thicknesses of leather;
  • Laces onto your belt;
  • Natural leather;
  • Significant capacity..


  • 22 cm tall (8 ²¹/₃₂ '').

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